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Special Educational Needs & Disability

All staff at Huish Episcopi Primary School are committed to providing the best learning opportunities for all children.

We are an inclusive school, working together with parents/carers and a wide range of outside agencies and professionals. This enables us to provide individualised provision to best meet any additional educational, social and emotional needs for our pupils.

Who do I see if I am worried?

  1. Your child’s Class Teacher is your first point of contact. You can arrange to speak to the Class Teacher after school, usually by appointment.
  2. You can also arrange to speak to the school’s SENCO, Mrs Claire Monk —please call the School Office on 01458 250673 or email
  3. An appointment with the Headteacher can also be made through the School Office.

Who might work with my child?

Huish Episcopi Primary School has an excellent team of teachers and support staff that have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

It may be necessary to involve outside professionals to support the school in planning an appropriate for provision for your child. You will be included in the process of referring to these services. These could include:

Further Information

For more information, you can download the following documents which detail our approach, plans and policies for catering to special educational needs.

Information on Local Services & Core Standards

Somerset have a dedicated website to help find information on local services to help children, young people and their families.  This includes a set of Core Standards designed to ensure all education settings are compliant with up-to-date legislation with regards to SEN provision.  For a summary, detailed booklet and other information on the services available see

Further Support

You are able to access parental support from Susie Wedley our PFSA (Parent Family Support Advisor). You can contact her directly on 07825 833556 or Alternatively referrals can be made to the PFSA via our SENCO.

You can also contact Parent Partnership for advice on:

01823 355578