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Who’s Who?

An introduction to our staff…


Mrs Tiffany Doughty Davis (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Teaching Staff:

Miss Beth Brown
Miss Jenny Chadbourne (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mr Ed Clements
Mrs Louise Kenchington
Miss Mia Knight
Mrs Rachel Reid
Mrs Alyssa Vogel-Lewis


Mrs Jennifer Daymond

Business and Administration:

Mrs Joanna Sams – Office Manager
Mrs Sarah Masters – Administrative Assistant
Mr Mark Bradford – Business Manager (Data Protection Lead)

Support Staff:

Mrs Kathryn Cowley
Mrs Stephanie Hodgskin
Mrs Becky Lyes
Mrs Josie Parsons
Mrs Linette Pengelly
Mrs Mandy Ramwell
Mrs Jane Gillingham
Miss Joanne Robinson
Mrs Donna Sell (SEN TA)

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Charlotte Bean
Mrs Natalia Guskov – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Stephanie Hodgskin
Miss Kelly Laurence (as from 24 February 2020)
Ms Heidi McGinty
Mrs Donna Sell
Mrs Claudia Soakell
Mrs Carolyn Tokmak

Early Birds & Busy Bees:

Mrs Becky Lyes (Extended School Supervisor)
Mrs Donna Sell

Site Team:

Mr Kevin Davies – Caretaker
Mrs Karen Harding – Cleaner (Supervisor)