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Who’s Who?

An introduction to our staff…


Mrs Tiffany Doughty Davis (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Teaching Staff:

Miss Beth Brown
Miss Jenny Chadbourne (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Mr Ed Clements
Mrs Louise Kenchington
Miss Mia Knight
Mrs Rachel Reid
Mrs Alyssa Vogel-Lewis


Mrs Jennifer Daymond

Business and Administration:

Mrs Joanna Sams – Office Manager
Mrs Sarah Masters – Administrative Assistant
Mr Mark Bradford – Business Manager (Data Protection Lead)

Support Staff:

Mrs Kathryn Cowley
Mrs Stephanie Hodgskin
Mrs Becky Lyes
Mrs Josie Parsons
Mrs Linette Pengelly
Mrs Mandy Ramwell
Mrs Jane Gillingham (nee Raymond)
Miss Joanne Robinson

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Charlotte Bean
Mrs Kathryn Cowley
Mrs Natalia Guskov – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Stephanie Hodgskin
Ms Heidi McGinty
Mrs Sylwia Korbal
Mrs Carolyn Tokmak

Early Birds & Busy Bees:

Mrs Becky Lyes (Extended School Supervisor)
Mrs Donna Sell

Site Team:

Mr Kevin Davies – Caretaker
Mrs Karen Harding – Cleaner (Supervisor)