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Assessment & Reporting to Parents & Carers

Keeping parents informed

The relationship between school and home is crucially important.  There are many ways in which the school keeps parents and carers informed about the progress and attainment of their children:


Why do we assess children?

We use assessment as a tool to measure how well what we have taught has been learnt – if there is no change in long term memory, nothing has been learnt.  Once we know what has been learnt, we can adjust our teaching by introducing more or less new content, changing the way we present information, intentionally revisiting previous topics so connections can be made etc.  For each child, for each lesson, this will be different.  Teachers use this information to fine tune their planning in order to help children progress in their learning.  Here are some of the teaching and assessment methods and processes we use to tell us how well children have captured and processed what has been taught: