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The Levels Academy Trust

Tree logoWe are proud to be part of The Levels Academy Trust. We converted from Huish Community Education Trust to The Levels Academy Trust on 1st March, 2015. We work jointly with Hambridge Primary, Middlezoy and Othery Primary Schools. We are supported in this work through our collaboration with Huish Academy, Taunton School and Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning.

The Trust was formed to achieve certain aims and objectives…

  1. Developing the opportunities for children to work together from different schools and developing joint projects.
  2. Raising attainment within the partnership through the development of learning and teaching.
  3. Further developing the sharing of good practice, resources and policies.
  4. Holding joint Trust staff meetings/training and INSET (all staff, governors etc)
  5. Developing the extended schools agenda.
  6. Engaging with the wider community and increasing opportunities and expectations for all children.

Since the formation of our Trust, we have been able to offer a more dynamic and adventurous curriculum to our pupils and better training for our staff.

Joint developments have included…

For more information about the Levels Academy Trust please see their website (