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Diary Dates

Spring Term 2020:

Monday, 6 January:             INSET (Staff Training Day) – no children in school please!

Tuesday, 7 January:             Term Starts (top gate opens at 8.50am); school starts 9.00am.

Monday, 13 January:          Reward Day; Archery; Premier Sports.

Tuesday, 14 January:          Champion Music; individual music lessons restart.

Wed, 15 January:                  Somerset Music brass instrument lessons start; Northmoor Class.

Thursday, 16 January:       GingerFred Dance Workshops starts; Aller & Sedgemoor Classes.

Wed, 22 January:                  Swimming starts; Huish Leisure; Kingsmoor Class.

Friday, 7 February:               Sedgemoor Bake Sale; 3.30pm.

Tuesday, 11 February:        Mr Madge, Huish Academy visiting Year 6 pupils (part of transition to secondary programme).

Friday, 14 February:            INSET (Staff Training Day) – no children in school please!

w/c 17 February:                   Half Term.

Monday, 2 March:                Reward Day; Arrow Tag: Premier Sports.

Monday, 2 March:                Secondary School Admissions (September 2020) – National Offer Day.

Thursday, 5 March:             HEPS Local Governing Body Meeting; 4.00pm-6.00pm.

Friday, 6 March:                     Parrett Bake Sale; 3.30pm.

Thursday, 12 March:           Visitor Assembly – Construction Site Safety (by Abbi Marshall, Suttles Projects); all pupils; 3.00pm-3.30pm.

Thursday, 12 March:           Year 6 Treasure Hunt; Huish Academy; 3.45pm-5.00pm.

Tues 17 – 24 March:            Scholastic Book Fair; School Hall.

Thursday, 19 March:          Heights and Weights Measurements; Reception and Year 6 pupils; School Nursing Team; 9.30am-12.30pm.

Friday, 27 March:                 Whole School Trip (all classes) to ‘We the Curious’, Bristol.

w/c 30 March:                        PFA’s Easter Bonnet Competition for KS1 pupils; instructions to make at home will follow.

Thursday, 2 April:                Visitor Assembly – Easter with Curate James.

Friday, 3 April:                       Mufti Day (PFA) for donation of £1.00.

Friday, 3 April:                        KS1 Easter Bonnet Parade (prizes for most colourful, wackiest & most creative).

Friday, 3 April:                        Aller Bake Sale; 3.30pm.

Friday, 3 April:                        Term Ends at 3.30pm.

Summer Term 2020:

Monday, 20 April:                 Term Starts.

Wednesday, 22 April:         Isle Class Swimming Lessons start; Huish Academy; 1.30pm-3.15pm.

Monday, 27 April:                 Premier Sports Reward Day – sport TBC.

Monday, 27 April:                 Transition: Year 6 Parents’ Evening; Huish Academy; (for those parents who missed the last event); 6.00pm-7.00pm.

Wednesday, 29 April:         Somerset Music Tuition with Kingsmoor Class starts.

Thursday, 30 April:              Class Photos, Tempest Photography.

Thursday, 30 April:               Visitor Assembly with Curate James.

Thursday, 30 April:               HEPS Local Governing Body Meeting; 4.00pm-6.00pm.

Friday, 8 May:                          Bank Holiday.

w/c Monday, 11 May:         SATs Week (Year 6 pupils); Mon-Thurs.

Thursday, 21 May:               Visitor Assembly – Ascension Assembly with Curate James.

w/c 25 May:                              Half Term.

Monday, 8 June:                    Premier Sports Reward Day – Street Surfing.

Monday, 8 June:                    New Parents Information Evening (September 2020 Reception intake); 6.00pm-7.00pm.

Thursday, 11 June:              ‘Raising the Future’ Programme Trip (more details to follow).

Friday, 19 June:                     The Levels Academy Trust Olympic Sports Day, Yeovil Recreation Ground.

Thursday, 25 June:              Visitor Assembly with Curate James.

Wednesday 1 July:              Year 6 Transition Day; Huish Academy & ‘Moving Up’ Day at HEPS.

Wednesday, 1 July:             Play Session for September 2020 Reception intake; Parrett Class; 9.30am-11.30am.

Thursday, 2 July:                   Play Session for September 2020 Reception intake; Parrett Class; 1.30pm-3.00pm.

Monday, 6 July TBC:          STOMP Maths Competition; Year 5 & 6 pupils; Huish Academy; 6.00pm-8.00pm.

Thursday, 9 July:                  HEPS Local Governing Body Meeting; 4.00pm-6.00pm.

Thursday, 16 July:               Year 6 Leavers Assembly; School Hall; 2.30pm-3.30pm.

Friday, 17 July:                       End of Year Assembly; for all pupils.

Friday, 17 July:                       Term Ends.

Sports Matches Spring Term 2020:

Monday, 3 February:         CLP Cross Country Race; Huish Academy; 2.00pm-3.10pm.

Tuesday, 4 February:         CLP Basketball Tournament; Huish Academy; 4.00pm-5.30pm.

Monday, 10 February:      CLP Hockey Tournament; Huish Academy 3G pitches; 4.00pm-5.15pm.

Thursday, 13 February:    Cross Country Race; Somerton Recreation Ground; 4.00pm-5.00pm.

Monday, 2 March:               Cross Country Race; Somerton Recreation Ground; 4.00pm-5.00pm. (Re-arranged from 13/02/2020.)

Tuesday, 10 March:            Tag Rugby Tournament; Somerton Recreation Ground; 4.00pm-5.15pm.

Monday, 16 March:            CLP Football & Netball Tournaments; Huish Academy; 2.00pm-4.30pm

Thursday, 19 March:         Cross Country Race; Curry Mallet Primary School; 4.00pm-5.00pm.

Swimming KS2 Spring Term 2020:

Kingsmoor:                            Wednesdays: 22, 29 Jan; 5, 12, 26 Feb; 4, 11, 18, 25 Mar; 1 Apr. 

KS2 Swimming Summer Term 2020:

Isle:                                             Wednesdays: 22, 29 Apr; 6, 13, 20 May; 3, 10, 17, 24 June; 1 Jul. 

Celebration Assemblies Spring Term 2020:

(Fridays at 3.00pm; top gate opens at 2.50pm; parents/carers welcome.)

24 Jan:                                      Isle

31 Jan:                                      Sedgemoor

7 Feb:                                         Parrett

6 Mar:                                       Kingsmoor

13 Mar:                                    Aller

20 Mar:                                    Northmoor

‘Learn with Us’ Sessions – Spring Term 2020:

All morning sessions on a Thursday – from 9.00am-10.00am. (Parents/carers to meet in playground.)

23 Jan:                                      Kingsmoor

30 Jan:                                     Aller

6 Feb:                                        Northmoor

5 Mar:                                       Isle

12 Mar:                                    Sedgemoor

19 Mar:                                    Parrett

Newsletter Issues:

Every Friday

School Meals Menu Weeks:

Week 1: w/c 6 Jan; 27 Jan; 24 Feb; 16 Mar.

Week 2: w/c 13 Jan; 3 Feb; 2 Mar; 23 Mar.

Week 3: w/c 20 Jan; 10 Feb (14 Feb – INSET Day); 9 Mar; 30 Mar.

After School Clubs – Spring Term 2020

Clubs start in the second week of term (w/c 13 January) and do NOT run in the last week of term (w/c 30 March). All clubs run from 3.30pm—4.30pm.

Mondays:                  Year 6 Maths Booster (by invitation) with Miss Chadbourne;

                                         Make & Build (KS1 – Years 1 & 2) with Miss Knight;

                                         Year 2 Writing Booster (by invitation) with Mr Clements;

                                         Kickboxing (KS2) (please note small charge for belts to be paid direct to the instructor, all other equipment provided) with Mr Odierno

                                        Earthlings Forest School (by invitation) with Mrs Jones & Mrs Lyes;

Tuesday:                    Netball (KS2 – Years 3-6) with Mrs Reid;

                                        Multi-Skills (KS1 – Years 1 & 2) with Mrs Lyes.

Wednesdays:         Football (KS2 – Years 3-6) with Mrs Lyes.

Thursdays:              Persistent Puzzlers (KS1 – Years 1 & 2) with Mrs Vogel.

                                       Harmony Choir (KS2 – Years 3-6) with Maddy Collins, Somerset Music.

Fridays:                     Code Breakers (KS1 – Years 1 & 2) with Miss Brown.

                                       Running Beans (KS2 – Years 3-6) with Mrs Ramwell.

Class Bake Sales:

Fridays:                     Sedgemoor (7 Feb); Parrett (6 Mar); Aller (3 Apr).

Somerset Music Instrument Tuition:

Wed pms:                Northmoor (Spring Term 2020); Kingsmoor (Summer Term 2020).