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School Activity Clubs

Clubs change each term.  Club ideas are gathered by the School Council from their peers.  These are then collated at a School Council meeting where Councillors check for a range of interest areas.  A list of suggestions is displayed in prominent areas around the school.  All children are then asked to vote for their favourite clubs. A letter is sent to parents and carers listing the clubs with the date and time the club booking system opens.  If a club is full yet a child would like to attend, the School Office will add the child to a waiting list.

Children must attend their club every week unless they are not in school or have spoken to Mrs Doughty Davis.  If a child wishes to stop attending a club, the School Office should be notified so the place can be reallocated.

All clubs are free of charge to all children.  We are one of the few schools locally to offer all clubs free of charge and such a wide variety of clubs.  Over 72% of our children attend at least one club in the spring term, 2024.

These clubs are in addition to Busy Bees which is our chargeable after school childcare also staffed and managed by the school.

Summer term clubs are:

After school clubs

Rounders – Tuesdays

Stitchers – Tuesdays

Athletics – Wednesdays

Wriggly Wrigglers – Thursday

Netball – Thursdays


Lunchtime clubs

Serenity – Monday

Lego – Monday

Instrumentals – Tuesday

Lego – Tuesday

Serenity – Wednesday

Singing – Thursday

Chatty Club – Thursday