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‘Slapped Cheek’ and Head Lice reported

Written on Wednesday 18th April, 2018

Please note that we have had a couple of cases of ‘slapped cheek’ in school. This is highly contagious (especially in the 3-5 days before the rash appears), spread by respiratory droplets and has an incubation period of 6-11 days. Symptons include ‘flu-like’ illness followed by bright red ‘slapped cheeks’ rash which can last up to three weeks. Sufferers can also experience joint pain, headache, mild fever and a sore throat. As a child is no longer infectious once the rash appears there is no need to keep the child off school as long as they feel well enough to attend.

We are still getting reports of head lice in school. PLEASE check and treat your child as necessary. And all long hair must be tied back at school.

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