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Learning Pack collection this Friday – enter via top gate

Written on Wednesday 25th March, 2020

Old packs will be dropped off and new packs collected from the front of school on Friday, 27 March 2020.  We shall be operating a one way system, so please enter by the top gate and you will be directed, in turn, down the side of the school to the collection points on the grass at the front; we will then ask you to exit school by the front gate.  Please keep to the clouds drawn on the tarmac and do not progress to the next cloud until it is empty; children need to be with their adults at all times and please don’t touch any surfaces. Everyone must stay 2m apart.  Watch the videos on our Twitter feed @H_E_P_S. Please combine your journey with your daily walk or trip to the shops to get essentials as allowed by the government – thank you.

Collection times as follows (although families can collect all packs together):

Parrett                   boys    09:00-09:30                 girls      09:30-10:00

Aller                        boys    10:00-10:30                 girls      10:30-11:00

Sedgemoor          boys    11:00-11:30                 girls      11:30-12:00

Northmoor          boys    12:00-12:30                 girls      12:30-13:00

Isle                            boys    13:00-13:30                 girls      13:30-14:00

Kingsmoor            boys   14:00-14:30                 girls      14:30-15:00

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