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Cases of Scarlet Fever Confirmed

Written on Tuesday 20th February, 2018

During and since Half Term, we have had further cases of Scarlet Fever reported. Children with Scarlet Fever usually have a sore throat, high temperature and a rash (which normally breaks out on the second day and lasts between 3-6 days).  It most often affects children between two and ten years of age, but can affect any age group.

Scarlet Fever is infectious especially in the home environment passed to close contacts by touching and via contact with respiratory secretions.  If antibiotic treatment is prescribed, you do not remain infectious for long.

Pregnant women who have had significant contact with any person with a rash for a period of 15 minutes or more should seek advice from their midwife or general practitioner.

Should you be concerned that your child may have the disease please see your doctor and mention that there have been cases in school.

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