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Alterations to drop off/collection arrangements

Written on Tuesday 8th September, 2020

Please see full letter from Mrs Doughty Davis which has been emailed (also under News&Events tab on this website).

Drop off

Each morning, Kingsmoor will enter the building by the bottom gate.  All other children should come to the top gate with their water bottle, book and planner and a coat or sun hat depending on the weather.  Parrett children will come in through the gate and go down by the side of the community room directly to the Parrett playground.  All other children will walk around the side of the hall onto the playground.  Please refrain from coming onto the school site through either gate.


Please collect your child at the following times:

15:20    Aller

15:30    Sedgemoor and Northmoor

15:40    Isle and Kingsmoor

We would kindly ask you to stand in a particular area of the car park and watch for your child to come to the front of the queue so you can catch our attention by waving to us.  Where possible, if you are collecting your child in Aller, Sedgemoor or Isle Classes, please stand to the Tesco side of the gate.  Again, where possible, if you are collecting your child from Northmoor or Kingsmoor (and Parrett when they start full time), please stand in the car park to the play park side of the car park.

If you have children in different time slots, please arrive at the latest time as we can hold onto children easily and this reduces the number of adults waiting in the car park.  We will do our best to accommodate particular situations wherever possible.

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