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Spring Term 2021

HEPSathome Remote Learning Provision Survey

We would like to invite you to take part in a survey about our Remote Learning Provision – HEPSat home. The results will be used to help us understand what is working well and to improve our provision where necessary. To take part in this anonymous survey please click on this link:

Thank you for your feedback which is always welcome.



Autumn Term 2019


We would like as many parents and carers as possible to complete a survey, which will take approximately two minutes, in order that we have an accurate view of what we are doing well and where we can make further improvements. We will publish the survey outcome on our website alongside planned areas for development relevant to the results. Please take the time to write additional comments into the box at the end. It is important that you write in here what we do well along with where we can improve, as we would not want to make changes where we are working well! The survey asks for your email address in order that only one form can be filled in by each parent and carer; it will not be viewed or retained for any other purpose. Please click on this link:    We appreciate the time you are taking to complete this survey which will lead to improved provision for our children.


YOUR OPINION MATTERS – SURVEY OUTCOMES (published 19 November 2019)

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey; we received 43 responses.  The results can be seen by clicking on the following link:

HEPS Your Opinion Matters_Parent Survey Outcomes_November 2019


Below is a summary of the comments we received. We have grouped comments from the free text part of the survey into areas:

Aspirations/high expectations/progress
Most responders have commented positively on the raised expectations and the progress their children have made in academic, emotional and social areas.  One comment refers to our expectations being too high regarding appearance.


Most responders have positively commented on the progress their child has made with reading and the joy this has instilled.  Some responders have commented that expectations for reading at home are too high.


Welcoming/friendly/inclusive approach
Eight comments were positive about the atmosphere on the playground, how open and encouraging the school is to parents and carers.  They feel comfortable approaching staff who have good visibility and work through challenging issues with good results.  A comment referred to abrupt email communication.


Two comments were positive about the newsletter format and the way news is delivered.  One comment referred to the use of Twitter rather than email to release news: we strongly encourage parents and carers to use Twitter for not only news but to be fully involved in school life with the photos and comments which are posted regularly for all classes.  One comment asked for communication to be ‘better’.


Curriculum, teaching and learning
Most comments were positive and complimentary about the broad balance of the curriculum.  Comments noted referred to academic subjects, educational visits and clubs and included ‘out of your seat learning opportunities’ such as swimming, brass tuition and outdoor learning.  One comment queried the homework policy (please see below for comment).


All comments were positive and referred to the welcome they received from the School Office through to the pastoral telephone calls in the first few weeks of starting at school.

Due to the survey being anonymous, we are not able to respond directly to the author.  If you have questions, we would encourage you to direct them to any member of staff. Here are some notes for some of the queries:

And, finally, thank you again for taking part in the survey.

Mrs Doughty Davis (Headteacher)


Spring Term 2019

In January 2019 we invited parents/carers, through our newsletter, to take part in our latest questionnaire to give them the opportunity to have their say about current methods of communication and way in which we can improve.  Having looked at your responses, please find following message from Mrs Doughty Davis, Headteacher:

“Thank you to all the parents who took part in last term’s survey.  We have used your feedback to make changes to the way in which we will communicate between home and school.  Changes will be made to ensure information reaches you in good time, in an efficient manner and with the minimum of paperwork.  Our new streamlined approach will mean all information can be found via the website at the click of a link. 

This HEPS News document will be emailed to parents every Friday with information about the forthcoming week.  The link will also be posted on Twitter and the school website.

We encourage you to sign up to Twitter so that you can see photographs and information about what has been taking place in each of the classrooms.

We will be offering parents a drop-in service on Friday, 3 May 2019, from 2.45pm to get you started if you are unsure how to use Twitter.”

Miss Jenny Chadbourne will help any parent/carer to log on and use Twitter – see her in the playground or contact the School Office.