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Huish Episcopi School Games profile page


At Huish Episcopi Primary School we offer a very rich provision for Physical Education

Not only do we plan our curriculum carefully so that children gradually learn a range of skills but we also encourage them to access a range of different sporting activities both within school and outside. Throughout the year we take part in a wide variety of intra and inter school sports competitions and festivals.

For intra sports every child is put into a colour team and takes part in competitions linked to the PE curriculum.
Sports teams take part in inter school sports competitions and festivals throughout the year. Listed below are the events we take part in.
Children also have the opportunity to participate in different sports on and off site such as Taekwondo, contemporary dance, archery, outdoor adventure, country dancing and yoga.

Inter School Sports Competitions and Festivals


School Games Award

We have had it confirmed that we have been awarded, for the third year running, the GOLD School Games Award. The school has demonstrated excellent participation in PE lessons and competitive sports. All children have shown a great enthusiasm during lessons and when representing their school with outstanding sporting values. Well done!

Swimming Achievement

Please find below a chart showing achievements by pupils in swimming by the end of Year 6: