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Spring Term 2018

Look out for our next Parent Questionnaire which will be sent out later this term.  Your feedback and comments will be much appreciated!


Spring Term 2017

We sent out a questionnaire asking for our parents’ and carers’ thoughts about Planners, Newsletters & Class Pages, Homework Club and the Uniform Service. Please see below a message from Mrs Dennis, Head of School, regarding the responses:

Thank you to all those parents and carers who returned our recent Parent Questionnaire. Your comments and observations were extremely helpful to us and whilst it is not possible to respond to each and every comment, we thought the following would be useful.

  1. Planners: The majority of parents felt these had been a positive step. We have noted your comments regarding teachers responding to comments and have allocated a specific time during the week when staff and/or teaching assistants will have time to look through the planners and respond to any concerns. Please be aware that it will not always be possible to respond immediately. Any urgent or important messages should be communicated directly to the Class Teacher or telephoned through to the School Office first thing.
  2. Planners continued: As with any new initiative, there will inevitably be teething issues and it will take time for both the children and teachers to become more adept at using the planners. This, we believe, will develop over time and as the children become increasingly independent as they move up the school.
  3. Planners continued: From the comments received, the sections at the back of the planners have been extremely useful and we would encourage all parents to take a look at what is there to help support your child’s learning. It is pretty comprehensive and provides the basis from which your child can acquire many of the basic skills needed in both Literacy and Maths.
  4. Newsletter: From the responses received, the newsletter is useful and we have noted the comments about getting the children more involved in the writing and production. This is something we will explore.
  5. Homework Club: From your comments, Homework Club has been a successful initiative. If your child is struggling to complete homework at home and you think they would benefit from attending Homework Club, please speak to your child’s Class Teacher in the first instance to discuss this further.
  6. School Uniform Service: With regard to the ‘Uniform Service’ – we have contacted Brigade Uniform and sent a letter outlining parents’ comments. We will await their response. However, they were extremely concerned to hear that parents were unhappy with the quality of clothing provided.

We greatly value your time and effort in completing the questionnaire and welcome your feedback. We appreciate communication is a key aspect of school life and, as such, endeavour to keep you as well informed as possible. We know we will never please everyone all the time so when concerns or issues arise, please do speak to us. We’re much better for the knowing!

Many thanks.

Zoë Dennis (Mrs)

Head of School

UPDATE: 30/3/17 – School Uniform Supplier – Brigade were extremely concerned to hear that parents were unhappy with the quality of clothing provided. After identifying that a faulty batch had been produced, they have replaced a number of jumpers free of charge and have since made improvements to the collars. With regards to their website, Brigade has decided to remove the registration process so parents will be able to log on as a guest – there will be a blue button labelled ‘Parents Order Here’. This will go live after the Easter Holidays.