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Sedgemoor Class

Welcome to Sedgemoor Class!

We are Y2 and we are taught by Mr Stevens who is supported by Mrs Kilbane. Mrs Ramwell teaches us one afternoon a week.

You can help make sure your child is ready for school by ensuring they have their reading bag with them. Inside should be their reading book and School Planner along with their homework folder. Please help your child complete their homework which will be set on a Friday to be returned by the following Thursday. Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please read regularly at home, at least four times a week, and record it in the School Planner.

If you need to send Mr Stevens a message then please feel free to write it in the School Planner and ask your child to show him. Likewise any messages sent home will be in the Planner so please check it everyday. If you would like to speak to Mr Stevens then he will be on the playground before the morning bell. If you need longer to meet then an after school meeting can be arranged.


img_2185Sedgemoor Class Charter

We have all agreed that:

Class Poetry- Haikus

Drinking from a bowl

Run around to chase the ball

Chasing cats in streets

Karol and Tym


Puppies like to play

Puppies like to play all day

The puppies play ball

Chloe Y and Poppy


Ice-cream is yummy

Hot sand burns under your feet

Swimming games are fun

Chloe J and Chloe L


Purple jasmine grows

Beautiful winter flowers

Snowdrops shivering

Olivia and Jasmine


I pant when I’m hot

I can wag my furry tail

Charlie barks loudly

Casey and Layla


The white dripping milk

My cat was sleeping downstairs

The cat fur was wet

                Chloe P and Ainsley


Cold wolfpups shiver

The wolves mum was eating food

The wolves dad was hunting prey

Brooke and Amber


Winter is coming

Snow is falling from the sky

Making a snowman

Oliver and Thomas


Summer is so hot

I go and buy an ice-cream

Melting down my chin



The sun is shinning

The blue sky shines on the sea

Ice-cream drips down chins

Corey and Brandon


The dogs ran around

The dogs ran around gardens

They pant in the sun

Tommy-Lee and Aden


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