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Sedgemoor Class

Welcome to Sedgemoor Class!

Sedgemoor has Year 2 & 3 pupils and are taught by Mr Stevens.  Currently, Mrs Morgan is teaching Sedgemoor whilst Mr Stevens is away.  The class is supported by Mrs Lyes.

You can help make sure your child is ready for school by ensuring they have their book bag with them. Inside should be their reading book and School Planner along with their homework folder. Please help your child complete their homework which will be set on a Friday to be returned by the following Thursday. Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please read regularly at home, at least four times a week, and record it in the School Planner.

If you need to send Mr Stevens/Mrs Morgan a message then please feel free to write it in the School Planner and ask your child to show him/her. Likewise any messages sent home will be in the School Planner so please check it everyday. If you would like to speak to Mr Stevens/Mrs Morgan then he/she will be on the playground before the morning bell. If you need longer to meet then an after school meeting can be arranged.

Sedgemoor Class Charter

We have all agreed that:

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Class Gallery

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Useful Links for our Parents


Many thanks for all the artifacts loaned to our class Museum. The children learnt a great deal about how life has changed within living memory and their experience was enriched by being able to investigate real objects.


Our class have been using ‘Lego Fix the Factory’ as part of their computing lessons. It provides an early introduction to simple directional programming and involves debugging skills. If you would like to practice at home use the link below.

Art and Design

The children have been working with leaves to create various pieces of work. For part of our work we studied the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor who uses materials found in nature. They then worked in teams to produce some of their own interpretations of his work. Have a look at our class gallery to see more pictures.


Here is a selection of poetry the children have written in class:

I sat on my cat

My cat ate a rat.

I sat on my cat

My cat is fat.

I sat on my cat

My cat is now flat!

By Olivia-Mae


I sat on a plastic cake,

I didn’t want it to break.

So I jumped up with a shout,

And had to go out.

By Eduard and Michal



Looking at my wonderful cake,

How long did it take to make?


Looking in the colourful box,

Inside there was a delightful fox.

 By Phoebe




I found a snake,

And it ate my cake.

So I had to make

Another cake.

Then I found a new snake,

And it ate my new cake.

Now I love to bake…

A snake.

By Ninette and Amy




The cat wore a hat.

The cat had a mat.

The cat was very fat.

The cat had a big mat.

The cat had a big pat.

Then found a flat hat.

The cat and dog had a chat.

 By Megan



I saw colourful parrot,

And it ate a tasty carrot.


I bought a harmless cat,

That was sitting on a spikey mat.


I saw a fat frog,

In a squelchy bog,

And then it chased a cheerful dog

By Elsie


The lonely dog

Sat on an uncomfortable log


The hungry cat,

Is fat.


The hungry cat,

Had a cowboy hat.

 By Dylan D



The frog sits on a log,

The cat sits on a mat,

The dog sits on a frog,

The parrot sits on a carrot,

The lizard sits on a wizard,

The pig sits on a twig,

The cow sits in a town,

And I am sat on my chair,

Writing this poem just for you.

By Primrose


I saw a flea,

In my trophy

I ate my cake,

On the lake.

My cat,

Was flat.

 By Oliver and Maya





The cat went after a rat,

The cat ate the rat,

And now the cat is fat.

Fat as a rat,

That ate a bat.


I saw the snow

When the sun began to glow

 By Alfie


I sat next to my cat,

And a rat jumped on my cat.


I was helpful because I stopped,

A huge boulder that was dropped,

From crashing into people who shopped.

By Dylan G




In the snow,

Nothing can grow.


 The big dog,

Was sat on a spikey log.

The tiny frog,

Was playing with another frog

By Mason



Pink, red, purple Smarties on a Jelly Baby cake.

Rainbow colours on my cake.

A tasty vanilla chocolate strawberry cake.

Little candles for my birthday cake


Blue shimmering lakes,

Sparkling ponds.

 By Lucas


I saw the sea,

And the tree.

I saw a bee,

In my tea.

 By Euan




The snake lives in a river by the lake,

And baked a nice chocolate cake.

And it was tasty!

 By Kane






Bees collect pollen,

To make delicious nectar.

Can you get me honey?


I found some snow,

Oh no it’s yellow!

By Alexis