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Parrett Class

Parrett Class is home to our Foundation Stage Children

Miss Cardwell is the class teacher with Mrs Raymond and Mrs Score who are the Teaching Assistants. Together, all three make a very good team, supporting all the children’s learning and progress. We are also very lucky to be supported by volunteers and students throughout the year as well.

Our classroom is a lively and stimulating environment which supports and extends the children’s learning through play, alongside more focused teaching strategies. The children are encouraged to be independent when taking care of their own belongings. They are also shown how to share and tidy up as part of the daily routine. We enrich our curriculum by taking the children on trips into the community and further afield in the Summer Term. We also enjoy visitors in school who can share their knowledge and skills.

What’s Been Happening?

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The children in Foundation Stage are welcomed into school on a part time basis but quickly move to coming in on a full time basis. We begin by establishing cooperation through routines and build upon the hard work that parents have already done. The teaching of phonics and numeral recognition starts immediately, and we continually assess each child’s understanding through a variety of means in order to plan for future teaching.

Children will bring home a book and some letter sounds in the first few weeks of school. We encourage parents to practise and reinforce reading skills at home every day.

Children also learn to count and play with number and quantity in a practical sense.

The children take part in PE activities on a Wednesday.

For new children starting in September please see our ‘Starting School Booklet’ for more information:

Starting School Booklet


Parrett Class staff are available for brief discussions on the playground or in the classroom from 8.50am every morning. As school begins at 9.00am, we encourage parents to make an appointment for deeper discussions.

Our Class Charter

Our Rewards

The children are rewarded smiley face points for following our class rules. When they have reached five, they are then rewarded with a merit sticker for their personal merit card. Children receiving 20, 40 and 60 merits receive a special certificate in school assembly from Mrs Dennis.

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